Virtual Team Building and Management

Building and managing a team culture is essential to a healthy workforce – and in some cases, it might be as simple as organising a group event, or providing in-house facilities that encourage socialisation and sharing.

But what do you do when your team is working remotely? When some employees might be in Europe, others in the States; some working in an office, others at home alone? When the team in question is separated by geography, culture, language and time zones?

Then the challenge becomes even harder – but just as important to meet. By 2012 there were an estimated one billion virtual workers around the world – a figure that has undoubtedly increased since, and will continue to do so. Our work patterns are changing, and bringing benefits of reduced cost, higher productivity, and greater diversity within the workforce.

But those patterns also mean that it is more difficult to create a traditional team atmosphere – to provide an environment where colleagues can feel bonded, united in their goals, and work more effectively together. Managing staff who are based thousands of miles away, who you may never even have met, needs specific training and handling.

This is a modern conondrum – and Cegos UK’s Virtual Team Building and Management Workshop can help.

This course aims to provide the support that managers need to tackle the changing face of the global workforce – giving them the skills they need to build team spirit, deal with performance issues, manage problems, ensure the smooth running of projects, and basically unpick the same knots they would find in a normal, office-based team – but adjusted for the particular needs of virtual working.

By the end of the workshop, they will:

  • Know and understand the key factors in establishing a virtual team
  • Have learned how to hold effective meetings and group sessions
  • Have mastered effective ways to communicate with all team members
  • Be able to use tools that allow them to build trust and confidence within their team
  • Know how to handle performance issues
  • Understand the best ways to manage a virtual team through projects

If you think your virtual workforce, and those who manage them, could benefit from this course, please get in touch using the contact us button on the right.