Influencing and persuasion

How to convince your customers

influencing and persuasion

These days, customers have more choice than ever. In a highly competitive world, what can give your sales team the extra edge over their rivals?

The answer is influence and persuasion – and the ethical use of these attributes to not only make sales, but develop long-term client loyalty.

This influencing and persuasion course will help to develop existing skills; hone natural talent, and share techniques and methods that will make them stand out from the crowd – and allow them to bring home those all-important contracts.

Who should attend?

Suitable for sales executives or anybody in a role that involves making a case to sell products or services, the influencing and persuasion course is perfect for teams – helping groups of managers within companies align their thinking and approach, enabling them to follow the same winning techniques with the same winning results.

The influencing and persuasion course blends e-learning and classroom training, and provides participants with a deep understanding of the principles of ethical selling; the elements that make up conviction and persuasion; identifying and understanding the customer’s needs and point of view; enhanced communication skills; listening techniques; building genuine relationships with clients, and using charisma.

Role playing, peer coaching, case studies and quick, effective exercises will all be used to make sure your team comes away with a hugely enhanced ability to influence and persuade clients.

Influencing and persuasion benefits

By the end of the influencing and persuasion course, delegates will be able to:

  • Make a case that respects the customer’s values and shows they understand them
  • Gain more short-term sales
  • Nurture long-term customer loyalty
  • Listen to customers and offer solutions that they really need, presented in a winning way
  • Display greater confidence in business dealings, underpinned by winning communication techniques
  • Adapt the use of charisma, argument and persuasion to the needs to the client and the situation
  • Use active listening to better understand the customer, and carve out solutions that genuinely answer their needs
  • Share successful techniques with wider sales teams, using meaningful mutual values and approaches


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