High Performance Selling

Not just selling – high performance selling

Our High Performance Selling course offers a tried and tested way to transform sales techniques.

Whether the delegate is just starting out, or looking to brush up on existing skills, this course offers everything they need to evolve from being an average sales person into an effective sales person.

Combining e-learning modules with a two-day interactive training session, High Performance Selling will result in better long-term relationships, increased client loyalty and quicker sales.

At its heart, it’s all about empathy – understanding the true needs of the buyer, and finding a way to present them with the product or service they need, in a way that makes the decision to buy as easy as possible at a price that is right for both. By demonstrating a thorough understanding of customer wishes, a sales person inspires trust – trust that will lead to a fulfilling long-term relationship for both parties.

By the end of the High Performance Selling course, the sales person will be able to:

  • See the relationship through the eyes of the buyer
  • Understand the buyer’s true needs, and be able to offer solutions
  • Appreciate the importance of the emotional/rational aspects of selling
  • Present their case with passion and conviction
  • Constantly reassure the buyer that they are important, and at the heart of the process
  • Build on shared success

The classroom aspects of the High Performance Selling course are all designed and led by experienced sales people – people who have achieved at high levels in all sectors of business (retail, industrial, service and financial) people who don’t just talk the talk, but have walked the walk! They will support learning through real-life scenarios, teamwork, and stimulating role-playing sessions – allowing everyone taking part to see sales from a fresh perspective.

Ultimately, we all want to make sales quicker, build long-term relationships, and enjoy a trusting and open partnership with clients. Only by working for and with our customers can we achieve that – and that means understanding them, not just pitching to them. This is all about sales with soul – not just spin.

High Performance Selling can be offered in the UK and internationally, comes with assessments before and after the course, and we offer the programme in numerous languages without the need for costly translations and train the trainers.