Coaching And Developing Others

Coaching and developing others

Coaching means improving the skilled performance of another person. It is a deliberate process of helping people to maximise their potential by learning from day-to-day tasks. When done well and consistently, coaching affects productivity, cost effectiveness and the morale of individuals and the team. It is therefore rightly recognised as an essential skill in the management/team leader portfolio.

The Coaching And Developing Others course is a one-day course introduces the process and benefits of coaching, and begins the development of this vital skill.

Coaching And Developing Others course objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • assess the obstacles to successful coaching
  • identify coaching opportunities
  • explain the coaching process
  • develop the helping relationship
  • identify and develop the skills needed to be a successful coach

Coaching And Developing Others

The training programme:

What is coaching?

  • definition
  • coaching or training?

Benefits of coaching

  • why coach your staff?
  • maximising potential
  • a two-way process

Blocks to coaching

  • potential problems
  • overcoming barriers

Coaching styles

  • self analysis
  • characteristics of a good coach

Coaching situations

  • recognising the opportunity
  • planning in advance

Coaching process

  • step-by-step guide

Developing coaching skills

  • active listening
  • questioning
  • giving and receiving feedback

Course duration

1 day course

Who should attend the Coaching And Developing Others?

This course is aimed at:

All managers and supervisors and all those responsible for developing the competence of team members in their day to day tasks.